Integrated Player Unit Recorder


  • IPUR 1
  • IPUR 2
  • IPUR 3


The Integrated Player Unit Recorder is an advanced vehicle recording device designed to capture and record a myriad of vehicle generated media streams.


  • Boasts 8 channels of IP Power over Ethernet to support the self-powering and connection of up to 8 PoE network cameras or other devices, such as analog cameras or signals
  • With a rugged mobile PC engine onboard, the Integrated Player Unit Recorder can simultaneously record up to 8 vehicle video sources, 1 audio source, dual 1553 bus data and vehicle position and location information
  • Records all data to a single removable solid state media drive facilitating rapid removal for post exercise After Action Review
  • Can be operated in either a “continuous record mode” for up to 48 hours of continuous recording time or in a “pre-event trigger mode” to record a specified pre and post event period based on either a 1553 data bus “trigger pull” event or any other custom configured triggering event (for vehicles without 1553 buses)
  • 802.11 b/g radio for seamless integration with the Army’s Digital Range Training System (DRTS) allowing for wireless remote viewing of all live vehicle media from the Range Operations Center (ROC)