Mobile CCTV Surveillance System


The Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a critical piece of hardware that makes up the video management capability of the Mobile CCTV System.

The Mobile CCTV Surveillance System is a state-of-the-art solution that records, transmits wirelessly and tracks security video for public bus and rail transit organizations. This system gives real-time control providing outstanding service and safety to bus and rail riders on public transportation. Tactical Micro is teamed with Milestone Systems, the globally leading open platform company in IP video management software (VMS) to provide this system with the latest in commercial off the shelf technology for the transportation industry easily paired with leading camera vendors.

The Mobile CCTV Surveillance System for bus and rail systems includes:

  • Network Video Recorder with removable backup storage
  • Milestone XProtect® Corporate Management Server, Record Server, Event Server premier open platform IP VMS software
  • Tactical Micro’s proprietary Multi-Purpose Video Suite (MPVS)
  • Support for HD interior/exterior video with microphones and other sensor devices
  • Status displays for bus and train operators
  • Wireless wayside equipment

Tactical Micro’s Multi-Purpose Video Suite (MPVS) is a proprietary software suite that is integrated into the XProtect® open platform that enhances the capability of XProtect® to meet Mobile CCTV and Transportation Surveillance & Security applications. This “suite” drives system functionality across Transit (bus & rail) applications based on specific client needs.

Milestone IP video software is based on open platform architecture for reliable and scalable monitoring solutions that also enable future expansions through integrations with new technologies that become available over time. Milestone has worked with Tactical Micro on previous contracts for military Simulation and Training programs, so it seemed a natural fit for the two companies to work together to explore opportunities in transit security.

For more information on the Mobile CCTV Surveillance System, please download the product brochure.