Vehicle Accessory Kits


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The Vehicle Accessory Kits (VAKs) contains the required cabling, adapters, brackets, and cameras used to install the CMUR on all Abrams Tank Variants, Bradley Fighting Vehicle Variants and STRYKER Variants. The VAK components are designed to be safely and securely install on all applicable vehicles in less than 30 minutes by the vehicle crewmembers. Once the training event is complete, the VAK components can be removed from the vehicle and place into its hardened weatherproof case for storage.

iSTRYKER MGS and STRYKER ICV require additional attachments and adapters and are not part of the common vehicle accessory kit.


  • MECHANICAL-LENGTH: 53 in. (134.62 cm)
  • MECHANICAL-HEIGHT: 16 in. (40.64 cm)
  • MECHANICAL-WIDTH: 6 in. (15.24 cm)
  • MECHANICAL-WEIGHT: 42 lbs (19.05 kg)